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All about playwork

Playwork can be described as the art of working with playing children. Playwork is child-centred and ensures that play is the main focus.


In this section you will find information about:


  • Qualifications and training
  • The Playwork Principles
  • Registered playwork provision
  • Safeguarding in play provision
  • Quality assurance
  • Required qualifications
  • Workforce development


children jumping off platforms

Playwork is a recognised occupation with a set of professional standards, training, qualifications and careers.

Playwork can be a full-time career or something that fits alongside study or other work. Understanding how to support children’s play is the most important task for a playworker. Playwork is different to many other professions involving work with children where the focus may be on learning, physical activity or the arts, for example.

Important qualities for playworkers include:

  • A belief that children are the experts about their own play
  • A belief that children have a right to play
  • A commitment to including all children
  • A willingness to let children take the lead in their own play
  • A willingness to step back when necessary so children can play in their own way
  • An awareness that risk taking is an important part of play and that an adult’s role is to balance risk taking with play’s physical and emotional benefits
  • An appreciation of the value of observation and how this helps adults understand children and their play
  • An ability to reflect on good and bad experiences to improve playwork practice
  • A creative approach to working with others
  • A good understanding of how to provide resources for play.
Registered playwork provision adult and child playing

Open access playwork provision and out of school childcare provision information and resources

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The Playwork Principles bot and girl playing together

The professional and ethical framework as well as a definition of what is unique about playwork

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Qualifications and training adult and child crafting in forest

Playwork training and qualifications for the play and playwork sectors in Wales

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Quality assurance child playing on swing

Introduction to our new quality assurance programme, Chwarae o Safon – the playwork quality mark

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Workforce development children playing in sand

Making sure the play and playwork workforces have the support they need to understand, value and support opportunities for play

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Required qualifications child playing with water

Playwork qualifications needed for working with children in a regulated after-school or open access setting

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Safeguarding in play provision adult and child playing with ball

Child protection information and procedures for playworkers and playwork settings

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