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This is why play is so important

Our new film, featuring children across Wales, celebrates play and highlights its importance
for every child.

smiling girl in playing field with friends hand around neck

'This is why play is so important' has a strong focus on children and teenagers’ voices

They candidly tell us what play means to them. The film portrays why play is vital to children’s development, health, wellbeing and happiness.

Narrated by actor Matthew Rhys, the documentary was filmed over two years across Wales. From street play to playgrounds, living rooms to back yards, the film captures play in all its different guises and offers a unique insight into why playing is so important to children of all ages.

four kids smiling in treehouse

The film also includes interviews with adults reflecting on their first play memory and how it has left a lasting impression on them.


Play Wales commissioned the film to highlight to parents, carers, and adults working with children and families the importance of play in children’s lives in Wales, and how we can all support it. We hope the film helps everyone recognise and value that nothing could be more important to our children’s lives than… play.

Watch the film

How can I get a copy of the film?

If you would like to arrange a screening of the film in your workplace or at a forthcoming event, please get in touch with us. We can share a high quality version of the film to ensure the best viewing experience.


The film is currently available in English and in Welsh. If you would like to translate the subtitles to another language, please contact us to discuss the process.

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